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                    Demag is built on innovation. From our lifting technologies to our intelligent services and support – we look at every product as a way of making the lifting experience better, more efficient and more economical for your business. 

                    AC 45 City

                    Fits everywhere. Todays brand new AC 45 City is no slouch when living up to the expectations set by its predecessor. Quite the contrary, in fact: It can do everything even better.

                    Learn more about the AC 45 City

                    AC 300-6

                    Above and beyond. Take your business to the next level with the Demag AC 300-6. It delivers class-leading reach combined with strength.

                    Learn more about the AC 300-6

                    CC 2800-2

                    The CC 2800-2 is at the top of its class: Its maximum lifting capacity is 600 tonnes and its maximum load moment is 7,712 tonne-meters.

                    Learn more about the CC 2800-2

                    Boom Booster

                    The Boom Booster Kit extends the reach of the Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane to a maximum system length of 183 m (600 ft).

                    Learn more about the CC 3800-1 Boom Booster




                    Above. Ahead. Always.

                    Our promise to you

                    Demag has a rich history of striving to make your lifting jobs easy, safe and efficient. But it’s not only in our past, it’s also in our DNA and it’s in the way we look to the future.

                    Learn more about Demag and our history of innovation

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